Monday, February 05, 2007

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Take some time out this month to check your dogs teeth to see if they are still white. If your dog is older and you haven't had them checked out yet, make sure to make an appointment with your vet to get them checked out this month.

Say "AWWW!"




Some ways to keep your dogs teeth pearly white is to give them toys and treats. Of course not any toys or treats, dental toys and treats. There are some fun teeth cleaning toys (Dean gave Ender one for Christmas that he LOVES) and chewing treats that help to clean their teeth.

I hope everyone had a good Monday. Mine went better than expected, although when I got home from work I was definitely surprised by something that could have turned out horrible. While we were gone, Ender decided that eating the fridge cord would be a good idea. I went to examine the situation and shocked myself. So, of course, Ender probably shocked himself and could have easily killed himself. Thankfully Ender was fine, as well as our fridge after Mike worked on it for awhile.

I am glad everything worked out, but boy was that scary!

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