Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Carin Terrier

Bratula!, originally uploaded by craftykags.

This is what Ender looked like today after the park. Hahah. Yes, we went to the park today and yes Ender got filthy, like always. He sure loves the park, and he especially loves to tackle the big dogs. I swear he thinks that he is just as big as a golden retriever. It is so funny. All the owners usually say that he is quite the tough little one as well. It makes me proud.

I was also able to take Emily and Ender to dog beach on Sunday. We had a LOT of fun. I love the dog beach in Huntington Beach. It is so much fun, and I swear Emily smiles more there than she does in a month without. I think we will keep the tradition up.

My birthday is next Tuesday, so this weekend I will be doing some celebrating. On Sunday the family is coming down, and I am going to take them to dog beach. I think they will appreciate it, and enjoy all the cute doggies there as well. It should be a good time.

Did I mention that Ender (who is 9lbs) loves to jump in the waves. It is a little scary, but he loves it.

I should go to bed now. I have a lot to tell you, but I think it would be more appropriate to talk about after tomorrow afternoon.

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