Friday, June 08, 2007

Inki the Chihuahua

Inki the Chihuahua, originally uploaded by Barbara Stock.

How sweet is Inki? I love it.

I have had the last two days off, and it has been magnificent. I have gotten a ton of things done, and am imagining what it would be like for every weekend ot be a 4 day weekend! haha.

I will be starting a new job on Monday (which is the big news). So I am trying to mentally prepare for all of that. My birthday is also coming up, so on Saturday I am having a cosmic bowling birthday party. It will be cheesey and awesome. I can't wait!

I wish you all the best! Have a great Friday!


Christiane said...

Hi Cara, I am glad that you love Inki and found her picture on my site

She has suffered a lot before she came to us. People treated her bad. She was sooo thin - nearly died of hunger. You could see every single bone of her small body under her skin... She was found on the street, and we took her from the animals asylum. Now she is well - and such a tender and lovely one :-)

I have published some items with her foto, perhaps you like to have a look or know people who are interested... The amounts I receive from selling my fotos etc. help me to support Inki and the other dogs I which found a new home by me.

Thanks for your interest and the love you show for Inki and other dogs!

Have a great day!

Barbara Stock

Cara said...

These kinds of stories make me soo happy! Thank you for posting the information. People will also load to read it!

Give Inki a nice scratch on the back for me ;-)