Sunday, July 15, 2007

Robi and Rita - Alaskan Malamutes

robi&rita - alaskan malamute
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How adorable are these two?

By the way, I just invested in a new computer. Hopefully it will allow for more updates from me. Also I will be able to learn more about building websites manually, so that I can be better at my job and make this site better. Look for a better website in the coming months :-)

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Luca said...

It's an amazing breed! And these two are just so beautiful...
I'm also a dog lover.. i think since i was born... Although my job doesn't has anything to do with dogs or animals, I keep it as one of my passions. Try to read everything about all known and rare breeds.
I'm also making a blog with all the breeds, photos, informations, breeders in Portugal..
Keep on going with yours!