Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Upside Down is Best

Upside Down is Best, originally uploaded by Liz Walker 1975.

Sometimes I feel like my whole world has turned upside down. Today is not that day. Aside from the regular stresses, life is going pretty good. I am working out at the gym a lot more, eating better, and walking the pups more.

Ender got a new haircut the other day. I am going to have to post photos. He looks sooo much smaller, but than more adult in the face. Mike and I keep confusing him for Emily now, because he now has more of a westie cut like her. Its funny. We seriously weren't sure it was him when we got him back. haha.

Tonight my goal is to go to the gym and then do laundry. I am going to try to post more often. If you comment more, maybe I will keep it up. haha :-)

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