Monday, August 06, 2007

Ender's New Haircut!

enders new haircut3, originally uploaded by choiceswechoose.

I KNow I Know, it has been aWhile since I said I would post pictures of Ender's new haircut. Good thing I waited because Emily just got her haircut too! Now they both look like westies!! Awww. I love it.

I hope everyone has been doing great. I wish I had more time to post more, but the cost of living in California makes me work more than I want to. Also I have been going to the gym quite frequently so fitting everything is hard to balance.

I hope you enjoy the updates of my pups. It has been awhile since they have been on here!

What have you been up to? I am interested! Any new activities with your pups during the summer? We try to go to the park a lot, and need to head over the to dog beach!

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