Friday, January 25, 2008

Playpen Puppies!

Puppies, originally uploaded by e88ccman.

I hope everyone is doing well. This week was quite a busy one. Last Friday night Mike and I discovered a weird growth on Emily's mouth. We looked up information online and it looked to be the canine papilloma virus. This calmed me down a bit, because I jumped to cancer at first. We took her to the Vet on Saturday (which was thankfully open!!) and the vet confirmed that iw as in fact the Canine Papillomavirus. He reccomended that we get it removed, or else it would get infected, or start to impair how she eats because it will just grow bigger. Plus it is contagious. We of course scheduled an appointment for her to get rid of it as soon as possible.

On Monday we took her to the vet and she spent the entire day there. She got the wart like thing off her mouth. She now has stiches in her mouth but is doing fine now. I think one of her stiches came out, so we are just keeping an eye on it.

We also have to keep an eye on Ender's mouth to see if he gets it. We hope not because it was $400 to get it off. I am not made of money, more like DEBT.

So please think nice thoughts about my pups and maybe it will prevent Ender from getting it :-)

Have a great weekend everyone! Mike and I will be celebrating our 4 Year Anniversary today! Woo hoo!

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