Tuesday, May 13, 2008

British Bull Dog

Brutus, originally uploaded by weiwei1.

Isn't this British Bull Dog adorable! Speaking of British dogs, do any of you live in the UK area and looking for pet insurance? I found a great site featuring pet insurance services for pet owners. Here you can compare the best insurance for pets online in minutes. The insurance is not just for dogs, but for all pets, including cats, horses, rabbits, snakes, etc. This compares whether the pet insurance covers vet fees, advertising for lost pet, death by accident or loss or theft of animal. This can definitely come in handy if you have dogs like mine who seem to get into trouble pretty often.

Do any of you already have pet insurance for your pups? I know my brother does for his dogs, but I do not have any for my pups yet. Ender will probably not be considered because he had parvo and well we just never got around to getting it for Emily. I think I might just check this out though, for pet insurance in the US.

There is also another site run by the same website owner where you can compare rates on credit cards. I am not an advocate for getting credit cards, but if you need to get one to help build up your credit you may as well check this out for the best credit card rates.

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