Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dog Products - A Day at the Spa

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Dog Products - A Day at the Spa
Don’t ask me why, but I was looking on some dog websites today and saw that there are actual canine spa lines. I guess I shouldn't be that surprised, but it does seem pretty funny to me, especially since I do not even buy spa line products for myself. But after looking at a few sites I did see some good dog products that my dogs may actually need. Having Westie's I am pretty familiar with dog's itchy skin so having some dog products to fix this is definitely a help. I have always used the dog shampoo made for itchy skin at Petco, but I guess if I want more variety I can give my dogs some specialty shampoo to get rid of their itchy skin and perhaps even pamper them.

A lot of these sorts of sites not only have dog shampoo but they also have "fur butter" which is essentially a deep conditioner for their sensitive skin. They also have some insect sprays which are pretty useful in Austin, since there are mosquitoes and fleas everywhere it seems. They even have breath spray, which luckily is not something my dogs need for the most part. But I guess if you need to cover the smell up when guests visit it might be a good idea. They also have stuff to help get rid of your dogs nasty smells, but I guess if you pamper your dog enough with these products you won’t even need that stuff. Hmmm. That is an interesting selling point.

I think I might consider this sort of stuff if their skin conditions get worse, but for now they are getting the basics, like I get for me. But I have heard from several of my readers who say their dogs have terrible skin conditions so I thought you might be interested in these dog products.

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