Friday, November 14, 2008

It Has Been Awhile

Cute Puppies 1, originally uploaded by Xentri.

It has definitely been awhile since I updated. Sorry everyone. Life has been really busy and I have been spending all my free time trying to enjoy Austin.

I have been here about 5.5 months and am still loving it. I have a great job, I am making friends, I love the natural beauty of the area and the fun stuff that always seems to be happening around. The only physical thing I miss (aside from friends and family) is actually Trader Joes. haha.

Mike is doing well in school. Right now he is really busy writing 2 30 page papers.

Work is going great for me. The job is everything I love about the career I chose for myself. The co-workers are great, as well as the boss. I am also on the company kickball team and for the first time on Wednesday night we won! haha

Emily and Ender are doing great. Ender has scared as a few times with signs of being sick. We have determined it is mostly food allergies. We put them on some holistic style dog food we found at Whole Foods. Has has been doing better since. Too bad the food is a little more expensive then we are used to.

My camera is broken so I don't have many pictures to update you with. When I get a new one I will try to get a lot of pictures all the time of everything going on. For now you just get pictures of cute puppies.

I hope you all are doing amazing!

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