Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Update

It has been awhile, so I thought I would update a bit. Here is a picture of Emily. She is doing well. She has some allergies right now, but I think she will be okay. She is a tough cookie. She has significantly improved at least behavoir wise since we moved here, which is pretty great.

Here is Ender with his bone. This picture was taken awhile ago though, because his tummy has been so obnoxious, that he is not allowed anything other than his dog food. In fact, I am considering putting him on this anti allergin diet for 6 weeks that could maybe help with his allergies. Not sure if it really will though. Have any of you had experience with dogs with lots of allergies? How about dogs who have allergies AND had parvo?
In other dog news, my apartment complex actually built a dog park in our complex! It is an enclosed area, with nothing but trees, and fun things to smell. Soon they will be adding things like bags for dog waste, etc. I am really excited about it though, because I know my pups will love it.

Here is a picture of Mike and I together for his birthday on Cinco de Mike-o (Mayo). We went to this place nearby called Texican. We are not celebrating his birthday for real until Saturday though, when he is completely done with finals.
I had the wait staff sing Happy Birthday to mike, to embarass him. By the looks of the picture it looks like it worked. Note: he had no idea the waitress put the crown on him until about 20 minutes later. It was fantastic.

How are you all doing??
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Donut said...

I loved thepicture of Emily as her face reminds me very much of my very first dog which we got when I was four. She was a wonderful dog.