Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coton De Tulear

These are Coton De Tulear's.

Info: "The Coton is a bichon-type related to the French Bichons and the Italian Bolognese. It is even possible in some cases that native dogs of other types were crossbred. It most likely arrived in Madagascar with French troops, or with the administrators who followed. The breed was virtually unknown until it was reintroduced to Europe and America in the last 20 years. For centuries, the Coton was a favored companion of the wealthy residents of Tulear, in southern Madagascar, where it continued to breed to type." -Source.

I hope everyone's weekend went well. Mine was interesting, although I was unsucessful in reaching all my goals. Oh well.

This morning Mike and I went to Dog Park for an hour or more, where I was able to play with CORGI'S!!! Sunday seems to be the busiest day out of the week at dog park. It is always a lot of fun. Plus, Emily enjoys it a lot and is always tired afterwards.

I can't believe the weekend flew by so fast, but I guess I can just start to look forward to another starting tomorrow morning at 6am.


KleoPatra said...

SO CUTE!!! Love these pix and the info is interesting... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any Corgie pics? I LOVE Corgies. Love your blog too :) Jami