Thursday, October 12, 2006

Miniature Australian Shepherd

These are Miniature Australian Shepherds.

These posts have been pretty late, and I apologize. I am just getting used to the new schedule. I got home today and was dead tired. It was so bad I had to cancel plans with my friend Teddy because I was so tired and whiney. I haven't been getting much sleep this week because I am not used to going to bed early and getting up VERY early. So a little while after being home today I crashed out for 3 hours. It was sweet sweet sleep. I hope to get more this evening.

The new job is working out. And life here is going pretty well. As soon as I get used to this schedule things should be looking up overall. I am starting a gym on Monday and I am very excited about it. I get a discount to it through my work, and I will finally be able to swim again*. Woo hoo!!

*I did swimming and water polo in high school, and swimming is my favorite work out aside from judo and jui jitsu.

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