Monday, July 30, 2007

Since I have started my blog I have met many cool people who have a lot to offer the dog lover community. One site in particular that I was asked to review is This site is pretty cool, it is basically a show dog simulation game. You pick the dog of your choice, from over 170 breeds and raise and show your dog against over 10,000 other users. I picked a West Highland White Terrier of course, named Tazer of White Winters. Tazer is a male West Highland White Terrier for the price of $100 (fake money of course). I haven’t exactly gotten Tazer yet, but I did make an offer to get him. :-) If the offer is accepted I can raise, feed, groom, train and breed Tazer to be the best Westie on

There are already hundreds of users that already have their virtual dog compete in the show ring. You can choose to compete in all-breed shows, or specialty shows (like agility competitions). The users all have to raise their pup from a few months old to an adult. You can either hire a handler to teach your virtual dog tricks or train them yourself. I would train Tazer myself. I know how Westie's work, they are just pups who want love, but are willing to resist it if an another animal is in site. Haha.

This site is perfect for kids who are unable to get a dog, but truly want one. Whether it be because someone in the family is allergic or their home does not accept dogs. This is also a good idea if you are planning on getting a dog, and want your kid to learn all about the responsibility of raising it.

If this sounds interesting, make sure to check it out. It looks like it will be a fun challenge!

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