Monday, February 23, 2009

Zaidie - Adorable Wesite Pup

This adorable little Westie is named Zaidie, a picture recieved by one of my readers, Wendy. Zaidie is "the other love" of her life . One of the photos is obviously one of the cutest Christmas photos of all time, and the other is typical westie amazingness. Wendy says he is one year old in the Christmas photo but in the first one he is only 4 months old. She also claims he is 100% clown and that she adores him. Who wouldn't?? Zaidie reminds me a lot of Ender for obvious reasons. Now I need to go spend time with my westie pups and give them kisses.

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Sue said...

Zaidie is so lovely! Westies really are my favourite. Makes me think of a younger version of this one: