Friday, September 08, 2006

Guess the breed!

-Pictures by Dachkammer
I hope everyone's Friday is going great. Mine is turning out okay. We took Ender to the vet today for his first set of shots (finally). Although he recieved his shots, the vet visit was a complete mess. If we wanted Ender to go back onto their Wellness Plan, basically puppy insurance with neutering included, we had to pay $50 for a parvo test. We KNOW he doesn't have parvo anymore so we didn't want to take it. They tried to say it was in his best interest to take the test, when they later revealed it was in THEIR best interest, money-wise. We decided to just get his first set of shots and then go somewhere else. We do not like to be taken advantage of, especially with a vet that we can barely understand.

Wish us luck in finding a good vet for Ender's next set of shots. Geesh.

We also tried to get Emily's hair cut today, but we lost her medical papers (they must be somewhere in the house) and they refused to give her a haircut without proof of her rabies shots. She has the tag on her collar, but that wasn't enough apparently. So, we have to get her papers sent over from her other vet and then we will be able to get her haircut. I hope we can figure this out.

Does anyone have exciting weekend plans? I don't, yet. I am hoping to do mostly nothing this weekend, aside from errands, playing with my pups, researching, and cleaning the house. That plan sounds amazing to me.

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