Thursday, December 14, 2006

How can you not smile?

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. This time it wasn't because I was lazy or busy. Well, not regular busy. Last night my computer died randomly. I am not sure what happened but it wouldn't stay on for longer than 5 minutes. I got it to start working a little last night but the mouse wouldn't work. I tried Mike's mouse late this evening and it made mine start to work after several minutes. You have absolutely no idea how much I am attached to my computer. This is my first big purchase ever, and has been a part of my daily life for over 4 years. So strange how I can be so attached to a computer. hahaha. Oh, and also, I can't afford a new computer, which is also why I am attached to this one. haha. I can't even afford to buy christmas presents for my family. I decided to make presents instead and for those I need my computer. I can't imagine what I would have done without it. I hope it stays with me a lot longer :-)

Aside from my computer drama, everything else is going well. I hope it is going well for you also.

This coming weekend will be very busy. On Friday I will be hanging out with Jeremy and Carey. Mike and I are finally making THEM dinner for once. Then on Saturday I am going to San Diego to visit Molly, my old roommate. She is having a house warming party. Then on Sunday I am going to the rockets vs clippers game. That should be fun. I am excited!!

I hope you all have a great Friday. I am looking forward to mine!

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